www.Hotmail.com - Nowadays, Google is one of the dominant corporations, and that makes their products very popular among computer users. This reflects on the increase of Gmail email users, also boosted by the great improvements that Gmail has had recently. Its visual aspect has been improved, it is easier to use now than it was and it now has some new features.

But, from our point of view, www.Hotmail.com is still the best email account type offered in the market. We do have some reasons for saying this, and we are just about to explain them to you:

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is very simple and quick, as its visual aspect is even simpler than the Gmail’s one.
  • Hotmail.com offers us a dynamic aspect with a quick response to our tasks.
  • Hotmail.com allows us to easily arrange our emails into different folders, being able to compress or expand those folders whenever it suits us better.
  • Hotmail.com allows us to be only a click away from all the Microsoft news while we check our emails.
  • If we want to see videos from an email from Hotmail.com, these will pop-out on a new window, allowing us to see the email and watch the video at the same time.
  • Hotmail.com also allows us to attach multiple documents into emails up to 100 MB size in total.
  • Hotmail email login has a feature that, as soon as we start typing an email address when sending an email, it will show us all the email addresses that match with whatever we have written. This helps us making sure that we send the emails to the right contact in our Hotmail contact list.
Because of this, and of some other features, we keep considering Hotmail to be the best email account out in the market nowadays.