Hotmail Email Login -

Want to learn how to Hotmail email login? Then pay attention to the following article. We’ll show you all the steps you must follow in order to log into your account and open your hotmail email in a safe, easy and fast.

Hotmail Email Login -

You can log in with your usual account, ie your Hotmail email login.
You go to the official hotmail site, but now see the Outlook platform, which is exactly the same, and then you enter your email address and password, and the system will update everything manually, depending on your preferences.
This will only change the interface you’re using, in this case Outlook. However, you can still use your hotmail account without any problem and normally; if you want to know how to move from hotmail to outlook new platform click here. This means you will not lose your contacts, your inbox will continue unchanged, and all emails that I receive will keep coming to that address.
Now, if you prefer, you can register a new account in Outlook and start from scratch with a new email.

Steps to Hotmail email Login -

  2. Type your email address in the first box blank (or
  3. Put the password in the second box blank.
  4. Click on the “Login” or press the “Enter” key.

Finally, if the place where you open your login problem is trusted (home or personal computer), we recommend you mark the box “keep the session started”. Thus, avoid entering your details each time you want to open the hotmail mail. Sign in -

Hotmail Email Login, Hotmail Sign in only can be done via Official Microsoft website and read emails. Microsoft Hotmail is a free web-based email service which produced by Microsoft Corp. To acces your Hotmail email dashboard, follow the hotmail login steps whis is explained below the content. Hotmail Login steps is really easy and can be done in a few easy steps. is also known as Outlook, Msn or Live. However, the services are the same and all them produced by Microsoft Corp. Sign in -

The official Hotmail Sign in page allows to you login into your Hotmail Account. And you can also connect, Microsoft office, windows phone, Xbox, Skype, MSN, Bing, Microsoft store and OneDrive products and manage them. Hotmail home page and Hotmail sign-in page you will see the outlook logo as windows Hotmail which transformed into last years. You need a Hotmail id like yourname@hotmail/ for Hotmail account sign in.
If you are using your hotmail/outlook into your personal computer or using through Hotmail mobile app in your smartphone, so you can check “remember me” button, so you can sign in hotmail/outlook account easily and you don’t have to always input your Hotmail/Outlook username and password every time to login your Hotmail account.

Hotmail sign in for email access and use:

Hotmail email account login for read and send  emails is really easy. You can see the simple steps below for Hotmail sign in. Lets Start.
  1. Go to your browser; Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera. Then go to The browser will automatically redirect you to Hotmail homepage and then you can connect
  2. For Hotmail sign in, you can use your Hotmail/Outlook account in the upper and dont forget! Hotmail, outlook, accounts and live accounts are all the same and all them are Microsoft accounts.
Note: If you login to Hotmail from your personal computer, you can check the box below password box which says “keep me signed in.” By checking keep me signed in button, your P.C. will always remember you so you have not to always write your username and password to Hotmail Sign in.

Then click sign in button so you will redirect to your Hotmail Email Account Dashboard. But if something wrong you are going to get an error message. Because of your password or your username. - Nowadays, Google is one of the dominant corporations, and that makes their products very popular among computer users. This reflects on the increase of Gmail email users, also boosted by the great improvements that Gmail has had recently. Its visual aspect has been improved, it is easier to use now than it was and it now has some new features.

But, from our point of view, is still the best email account type offered in the market. We do have some reasons for saying this, and we are just about to explain them to you: Sign in Hotmail

is very simple and quick, as its visual aspect is even simpler than the Gmail’s one.
  • offers us a dynamic aspect with a quick response to our tasks.
  • allows us to easily arrange our emails into different folders, being able to compress or expand those folders whenever it suits us better.
  • allows us to be only a click away from all the Microsoft news while we check our emails.
  • If we want to see videos from an email from, these will pop-out on a new window, allowing us to see the email and watch the video at the same time.
  • also allows us to attach multiple documents into emails up to 100 MB size in total.
  • Hotmail email login has a feature that, as soon as we start typing an email address when sending an email, it will show us all the email addresses that match with whatever we have written. This helps us making sure that we send the emails to the right contact in our Hotmail contact list.
Because of this, and of some other features, we keep considering Hotmail to be the best email account out in the market nowadays. Login Login.- At the present time, the Microsoft Outlook is one of the finest free email services of this era. I have used some of the most important email platforms such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and much other, but now hotmail comes with new features and fresh characteristics that will make you get the most out in your daily tasks. If you have created your outlook account, I would like to show you how easy and simple are Login. The following are some easy and straightforward steps that will help you in this significant process. Login

  1. The first requisite to login outlook is the have an outlook account successfully created and then you can get access to the website or still you can get access to through –the former website account.
  2. You must write your email account that could be, or simply and find the text box to introduce your exact email account name.
  3. Then you should type your password, according to the one you have introduced when you were creating your outlook email account.
  4. Once you have typed your email account name and your password than press enter, and immediately you will get access to your email inbox. In the case you see that you have failed attempting you get access, you must write again your email account name and password, having in mind that hotmail is sensible to numbers, cap letters and symbols. 
In conclusion, hotmail email login is now a great alternative and solution in order you can get the most out of your email account. hotmail is a very efficient way to manage all your messages and emails, so it is recommended that you can use this platform in order you can get the most out from it. 

Hotmail Sign in Login

Hotmail Sign in Login .- When it comes to talk about one of the greatest email services of the history, we shouldn’t let Hotmail unnoticed in the e-mail area. One of the most important aspects that we should have in mind when using an email services is that It can be easy-to-use, with a simply platform and that is very efficient working with spam mail. If you want to know how efficient is hotmail, I will tell you that it have had a negative fame, but now its new interface provides you cutting-edge technology for having everything under control and make you be more efficient on every single aspect. Now you will learn how to Hotmail Sign in Login in order you can use the account you have previously created for using your Hotmail inbox and account.

Hotmail Sign in Login

Hotmail Sign in Login

Now, let’s see some of the basic steps you should perform in order you can Hotmail email Login:

  1. We can start getting access to the official hotmail’s website typing in your browser In fact, you can also get access to which is the new and fresh platform.
  2. Once you get there, you can type the email address account name –the same you have set when created your account.
  3. Then you must type the password, according to the form you have filled during the sign up process and then press ENTER –now you are almost there.
  4. Now you can get access to your hotmail account, create new emails, check your inbox and do a ton of things you are allowed to do through this dazzling email platform. 

Unquestionably, Hotmail Sign in Login  is very simple and easy. I recommend you to create an email account name that you can easily remember in order you can get the most out from it. 

Automatic forwarding hotmail login emails to another account

Those users who have multiple email accounts spread around the world and not have time to review all or just want to send all your emails to a new email account, you can stop dreaming and do it from free hotmail.

In order to enable forwarding of emails to your hotmail account, Outlook and even to alternate mail client like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail Hotmail gives us the ability to forward all types of mail that arrives at our new account without going manually, everything is automatic. The fact that this system has been implemented recently was a constant wake up call for administrators of  Hotmail email login, where many users asked for this option to be present at future renewals.

The good thing is that the activation and deactivation of this option can be made at any time of day, with just a few simple steps. Since you only need 2 or more email accounts login to activate this service with the forward automatic. For setting should only enter the menu “Manage Your Account” and then we click on the “Forward email”. Once you enter this screen, see the following page contains two options for the user, the first says “no follow”, this option is useful for those who have this option and want to disable it, the second says “Forward email to another email account “, this is the option to be used by users who want to reactivate forwarding service email, we will see that we ask, “where do you want to send your message?” respond with the email address to the you want to be sent all these messages. We just have to respond to the electronic mail ( Below you will find an option that should be marked with the click of a mouse, we asked whether we want to keep a copy of each message to be forwarded to another email account. If you want the copy to take place, you have to check this box, otherwise leave it running.

This tool can not be implemented from your cell phone but it is associated with hotmail account. To pair your mobile phone to hotmail, we invite you to read this article.

Once this whole procedure comes to an end, you must click “Save” and thus, our setup email forwarding is saved and every e-mail sent to that account, managed to be sent to the account of alternating hotmail email (outlook currently) has been provided to the configuration time or other as mentioned above (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

How To Use Hotmail Mobile/Phone Platforms

Hotmail For Mobile Phones and Tablets:

If you want to use your gmail on your mobile phone or tablets, we will explain how to do it? Sign in Hotmail from Android, Iphone or any device you have.

Hotmail mobile For android Smartphones and android tablets:

If you want to Sign in Hotmail with your any android devices, you have to download Hotmail Android application to your android device. Please follow steps below and learn how to Hotmail Sign in with your mobile devices.
  • Go to Android Play Store and search for “Outlook Mobile App” on Adroid Play Store and download to your device
  • Install app. to your device and run to application.
  • Sign in to your hotmail/Outlook account and Outlook will sync your emails and all contents automaticly.

If you want to connect your Hotmail Account with your Android Tablet:

  • First step is go setting > email > add account on your device.
  • Then enter your hotmail account and password then setup.
  • “in what type of account is this?” Click “Exchange”
  • If you see any fields about domain, please dont edit and if you see any field that ask for usename enter your Hotmail account id and continue.
  • Another step is password. Enter your password.
  • The server name is “
  • Before clicking “next”  don’t forget to click “SSL check box.”
  • Select your account then click next.
  • the latest step is, if everythink you made correct you will see “done” botton.
  • Your Hotmail sign in steps is over. You can use your account and write emails.

Hotmail mobile For Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch:

  1. Go to “App Market” on your ios device
  2. Searc “Outlook App” and find official otlook app.
  3. Install the Outlook App to your ios device and run the app.
  4. Then selecet the account that you want to add your ios device.
  5. The latest step is, Sign in to your hotmail/Outlook account and the application will sync. automaticly.